Andrea M. Flanagan is native to the Des Moines area where she takes great pride in being an active member of the very community where she grew up. Coming from a family of small business owners in Des Moines, Andrea takes very seriously the obligation to provide quality legal services and sound legal advice to all of her clients.
Andrea graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2001. In 2004, Andrea earned her Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law where she was honored to be named the recipient of the Award for Outstanding Service to the Law School Community. Andrea was sworn into the practice of law in September of 2004 and began to build her practice.  

Andrea began her practice in the areas of juvenile and criminal law. As she became well-versed in the law and respected in the community, Andrea began to take on family law cases including divorces, custody disputes, child support disputes and modifications, contempt actions, and cases involving allegations of domestic violence—where she has represented victims and defendants. 

Andrea’s reputation precedes her, and she holds herself and her lawyers and staff to the highest expectations of professionalism, integrity, and grit.

Owner & Attorney at Law

In 2010, Andrea opened Flanagan Law Group, PLLC and began to build a team of lawyers and staff—each hand-picked for their individuality and unique qualities that would ensure a diverse legal team able to manage many different types of cases and situations.  

Andrea is a reputable criminal defense attorney known for her no-nonsense approach to criminal defense and honest but empathetic relationships with her clients. Andrea represents defendants in everything from traffic citations to murder, and prides herself on knowing the facts of a case and being able to negotiate favorable pleas and present cases in trial. Andrea has a good working relationship with the criminal defense bar, the local prosecutors, and law enforcement that enables her to resolve cases in favor of her clients more often than not.  

Andrea is also a well-established and trustworthy member of the family law bar. Andrea is honest and efficient in her practice and always strives to give her clients honest and helpful advice—at times serving as a communication coach. Andrea employs an approach to her family law cases that involves creative thinking and planning to reach results for each client that are as individualized as are the families she helps. Andrea pursues terminations of parental rights, divorces, custody, child support, adult-child attendant care support, alimony, equitable division of assets and debts, property disputes, adoptions, guardianships and conservatorships, and all other realms of family law litigation and pre-litigation negotiations. Andrea is also well-versed in appellate work having argued multiple times before the Iowa Court of Appeals and Iowa Supreme Court. 

Andrea attributes the success of her law practice to the cultivation of personal relationships with members of the community. Andrea operates in her day-to-day life with an eye on the possibility than anyone in the community may need the services of her law firm someday and governs herself accordingly.  
Andrea is a member of the Iowa Bar Association, The Iowa Association of Justice, The Polk County Bar Association, The Dallas County Bar Association, and other community groups. Andrea is also a member of the C. Edwin Moore American Inn of Court and the Jack D. Levin Family Law Inn of Court. Andrea takes part in events for these organizations and authored an article for the Iowa Lawyer Magazine in September 2021. 

In 2019, Andrea completed a Trial Lawyers College psychodrama for lawyers training where she learned ways to expand her abilities and fine-tune her trial techniques. Andrea continues to accept criminal court appointments as part of her commitment to the community and those who need an attorney but cannot afford one. Likewise, Andrea commits annually to pro bono work that is chosen specifically for the purpose of advancing the law and enriching our society.  
In her free time, Andrea enjoys close relationships with her parents, sisters, and extended family while she and her husband Justin focus on raising their children in the family-oriented community events and festivals around the Midwest. Andrea enjoys reading, creative writing, gardening, and cooking. Andrea has a strong expectation that her lawyers and staff have a good work-life balance that allows them to enjoy time with their families and earn a living.  

Andrea’s reputation precedes her, and she holds herself and her lawyers and staff to the highest expectations of professionalism, integrity, and grit. Andrea Flanagan and the team at Flanagan Law Group, PLLC set out everyday with the intentions of getting things done for their clients; and that is exactly what they do. 

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